A tow-truck driver from South Carolina refused service to a disabled woman after seeing Bernie Sanders campaign stickers on her car.

Cassandra McWade was traveling along Interstate 26 from Asheville, North Carolina to her home in Travelers Rest, South Carolina, on Monday when her Toyota Camry was struck by a tractor trailer. Although she was uninjured and the car was only slightly damaged, it refused to start, according to FOX Carolina 21. McWade, who suffers from a number of chronic conditions such as Crohn's disease and psoriatic arthritis and collects disability, waited patiently for a tow truck to arrive to take her and her stricken car home.

Ken Shupe, owner of Shupee Max Towing, responded to the call and drove to the scene from Travelers Rest. Before he even hooked up to the Camry though, he noticed McWade's Bernie Sanders bumper sticker and a Sanders campaign sign in her rear window. At that point, Shupe told McWade that we would not tow her because she was a Sanders supporter and "obviously a Socialist." He also advised her to "call the government for a tow."

"I was, like, 'Wait, are you serious?' said McWade. "You're kidding me."

Shupe was not kidding, and was determined to stick to his firmly held beliefs. He then turned around and drove back to Travelers Rest, leaving McWade behind stranded on the shoulder.

"Something came over me," Shupe said, according to the Washington Times. "I think the Lord came to me, and he just said 'Get in the truck and leave.' And when I got in my truck, you know, I was so proud."

McWade's mother, Kelly, posted on Facebook calling Shupe out for not helping her daughter. The post went viral and eventually caught the attention of an attorney from Greenville, NC who stated, "We may not like it and we may not agree with it but I don't believe any laws were broken. As long as there is no contract between the driver and the tow-truck company then there is no legal obligation for the tow-truck company to pick her up."

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