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Play your tunes loud and proud

Play your tunes loud and proud.

DashCommand update integrates with Pioneer AppRadio

DashCommand for Windows, Android and iOS has been around for a while, but the most recent update for the iPhone allows you to view all the OBD-II-sourced data directly on your Pioneer AppRadio.

Pioneer MIXTRAX embeds mediocre DJ in your car stereo [w/video]

Pioneer is set to introduce a new functionality to a few of its stereos – including the much-hyped AppRadio – that mixes the songs on your iPhone, iPod or USB drive on the fly.

Pioneer bringing Siri-like control to the car

The problem with most voice-recognition systems in modern cars is the stilted, unnatural commands required to execute even the simplest functions. Cadillac is supposedly working on bringing more natural voice commands to market with CUE, but Pioneer and its new Zypr voice-to-cloud platform aims to take it a step further.

Pandora integration comes to the 2012 Scion xB

The 2012 Scion xB will begin rolling into dealerships next month, and while there's not much in the way of upgrades to the exterior, interior or powertrain, two new stereo options are included in the boxy package.

Hands-On: Pioneer's iPhone-Integrated AppRadio [VIDEO]

Who said you can't have an iPhone-like experience in your car? Many carmakers have tried to make it easy to integrate smartphones into car infotainment, but most produce a somehow flawed experience. That notion can be put to rest today with the release of Pioneer's new AppRadio.

Pioneer debuts first augmented reality navigation system

Pioneer's AVIC-VH09CS has all the techie trappings you'd expect from an in-dash navigation system: A seven-inch LCD, DVD and CD player, USB and SD card slots, and Bluetooth connectivity. But what sets it apart is the addition of the Augmented Reality (AR) Scouter Mode.

In Detail: Pioneer AVIC-Z130BT

Staying connected in a new car is getting easier and cheaper. For instance, the new Ford Fiesta comes packaged with SYNC at the SEL and SES trim levels, starting at around $16,000. Even offerings from traditionally affordable brands like Brian Moody

Pioneer brings Android to your bike [video]

If you've had to fiddle with any modern cyclocomputer, you know they're only a few evolutionary steps away from a mid-80s Casio GShock. However, Pioneer wants to upset the status quo with a new system that's packing plenty of potential thanks to the Android OS.

CES 2011: Pioneer introduces Pandora, Twitter/Facebook integration, iPhone SmartCradle and more

Pioneer maintains the smartphone isn't the ideal automotive device, and it's easy to see why. The interface is too small, and with touchscreens failing to offer the tactility of buttons, the user has to give it their undivided attention – something that should be focused on the road.

Pioneer using WiMax to send content to your car

Pioneer's prototype mobile network AV playback system - Click above to view the video after the jump

Thanks for the massive debt, here's a Jeep: Buy a log cabin, get a Wrangler

Just as the Prius is an essential piece of kit if you desire to wrap yourself in the color green, if being ever-ready is what you'd like to exude, buy a house. Not just any house, mind you - that'd be like a Greenie stripped of their Starbucks intravenous drip, Livestrong bracelet, and Macintosh laptop. If it's backwood rancher/Eagle Scout that you're looking to portray, no domicile will do better than a log cabin. Of course, while the outside says 1885, modern log cabins are a luxury item commo

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