Pioneer bringing Siri-like control to the car

The problem with most voice-recognition systems in modern cars is the stilted, unnatural commands required to execute even the simplest functions. Cadillac is supposedly working on bringing more natural voice commands to market with CUE, but Pioneer and its new Zypr voice-to-cloud platform aims to take it a step further.

Utilizing a tethered smartphone or embedded modem, the new system listens and acts on commands based on conversational direction. Say, "Play some music" and Zypr responses with "Which artist?" or "Which source?" Tell the system "I'm in the mood for Thai" and it will list off the nearest restaurants, provide Yelp ratings and allow you to get directions and email the address to your friends. Facebook and Google integration is also part of the package, and since it's all handled in the cloud, the expansion of sources and options is infinite. And Zypr won't just be limited to cars.

Pioneer wants the technology to find its way into every consumer electronics device on the market (for obvious licensing reasons), and with Apple's Siri functionality on the iPhone 4S putting a new emphasis on natural speech recognition, consumers will be demanding similar tech in almost everything they own within the next few years.

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