Pioneer debuts first augmented reality navigation system

Pioneer's AVIC-VH09CS has all the techie trappings you'd expect from an in-dash navigation system: A seven-inch LCD, DVD and CD player, USB and SD card slots, and Bluetooth connectivity. But what sets it apart is the addition of the Augmented Reality (AR) Scouter Mode.

The double-din head-unit wirelessly connects to a camera installed on the windshield, streaming video and layering the sat-nav information over the image. The system integrates with the road, highlighting lanes, identifying stores and creating 3D representations of destinations so you know exactly where you're going. It even allows you to "augment" the vehicle in front of you, so if that minivan is too staid for your tastes, the system will superimpose something sexier (think Ferrari) on top.

The AVIC-VH09CS is due to go on sale later this month. The bad news: It's only available in Japan and comes in at $3,700.

[Source: Pioneer via CrunchGear]

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