Pioneer brings Android to your bike [video]

If you've had to fiddle with any modern cyclocomputer, you know they're only a few evolutionary steps away from a mid-80s Casio GShock. However, Pioneer wants to upset the status quo with a new system that's packing plenty of potential thanks to the Android OS.

The prototype in the video below demonstrates the system in action, relaying speed, heartrate, power, cadence and even exterior temperature to the 2.2-inch LCD screen. The system supports ANT+ wireless, so it can source data from an optional crank sensor to get an exact measure of pedal force, and a microSD slot and microUSB port allows you to transfer data from your last ride. All that, plus there's the GPS functionality, which would play awfully nice with Google's MyTracks app. There's no word on a release date or pricing, but we'd suspect Pioneer would want this to hit the market just in time for the spring/summer cycling season.

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

[Source: Diginfo via CrunchGear]

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