Pioneer is set to introduce a new functionality to a few of its stereos – including the much-hyped AppRadio – that mixes the songs on your iPhone, iPod or USB drive on the fly.

By measuring beats per minute and other data, MIXTRAX can supposedly beat-match and add effects and transitions into songs to create a seamless mix, all while animating the cover art to match the tempo. If you want to leave the mixing to yourself, Pioneer plans to offer a PC version of the mixing software that lets you save mixes to a USB drive or SD card, along with an iPhone app that lets you interact with the software and port your club masterpieces directly into your AppRadio.

MIXTRAX will be available this January on the aforementioned AppRadio and DEH-P7400HD, DEH-P8400BH and AVH-P8400BH AV receivers. You can get a taste of the system in action in the cheesetastic videos after the break.

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