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2019 McLaren 600LT — lightweight car gets heavyweight price

Buy one and get a day at the track with expert driving instruction

Buy one and get a day at the track with expert driving instruction.

McLaren 600LT is the latest track-ready McLaren

It has more power and less weight than the 570S

It has more power and less weight than the 570S.

Spy Shots
Mclaren 570S-based track car spied at the Nurburgring

This is the car McLaren has been teasing

This is the car McLaren has been teasing.

New McLaren coming, looks like a high-performance 570S

It sounds mean in the teaser trailer

It sounds mean in the teaser trailer.

McLaren 570S Design Editions add $10k but still make financial sense

As far as $10,000 packages for six-figures sports cars make financial sense, that is.

But when you're spending this much already, how much does a few thousand bucks matter?

McLaren rules out Porsche Cayman competitor

The McLaren 570S is a match for Porsche's 911 Turbo, but the more pedestrian 911s will remain safe from any challengers from Woking.

Spy Shots
Is this McLaren's anticipated 570S GT?

McLaren is planning an additional body style for its new Sports Series.

McLaren Special Ops to showcase custom 570S at Pebble Beach

McLaren will be bringing a smattering of delectable supercars to Pebble Beach this month, highlighted by two examples of the 570S customized by the Special Operations division.

McLaren confirms Sport Series Spider for 2017, another bodystyle due [w/poll]

The convertible variant for Mclaren's Sport Series is coming in 2017. These models are getting another, more mysterious body style in 2016.

McLaren won't offer 540C in United States

Popular demand determines that McLaren will only offer its new Sports Series in the United States in 570S guise, leaving the (relatively) more accessible 540C to other markets.

McLaren unveils the commuter-ready 540C in China

McLaren introduces the 540C coupe at the Shanghai Motor Show. Aimed at the Chinese market but apparently available worldwide by special order, it comes with 533 horsepower and a starting price of 126,000 pounds, which is a little less grunt and a 17,000-pound savings over the 570S.

McLaren launches Sports Series configurator for 570S

Whether you've got the $190k to spare or just dreaming of what it would be like, McLaren has added the new 570S to its online configuration utility – packed with color choices and optional extras with which to play around.

McLaren 570S priced at $184,900

540C To Follow In Shanghai

McLaren's kicked off its Sports Series lineup at the New York Auto Show with the 570S, and now we know the price. At $184,900 - it's barely more than a Porsche 911 Turbo S. Next up is the more affordable 540C, set to debut at the Shanghai Motor Show later this month.

New York
McLaren 570S kicks off new Sport Series

562-HP Coupe Greets The World In New York

German rivals beware: McLaren is officially gunning for you with the launch of the 570S at the 2015 New York Auto Show, the first new model in Woking's long-awaited and highly anticipated Sports Series.

McLaren confirms 570S coupe for New York debut

McLaren gives us a taste of things to come, announcing the name of the new 570S coupe that will launch its upcoming Sports Series at the New York Auto Show.

McLaren flanks upcoming new Sports Series

We've seen a lot of teaser images and videos for McLaren's upcoming Sport Series, but this is the first one released to date that shows us an undisguised body panel – and a large section at that – of the upcoming 911 Turbo rival from Woking.

McLaren Sports Series promises at least seven variants

With three or more body styles and two or three engine specs, McLaren's upcoming new Sports Series promises to breed enough model variants to capture the attention of a Porsche 911 buyer.

McLaren Sports Series plays in snow ahead of New York debut

Set to debut at the New York Auto Show, the upcoming McLaren Sports Series is captured playing in the snow in this latest teaser video, hot on the heels of the new 675LT and P1 GTR revealed in Geneva this week.

McLaren launches 650S Le Mans edition, Sports Series to offer 4 variants

The latest word has it that McLaren's upcoming entry-level Sports Series will be just that: a series, with at least four versions to include a coupe, convertible, a touring version with an unusual trunk and a track-bound GTR version. McLaren Special Operations has also announced a special-edition 650S to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the F1 GTR's win at Le Mans.

McLaren Sports Series rumored to produce 'well over' 500 horsepower

Autocar reports that the coming McLaren Sports Series will cost 130,000 pounds in the UK and its 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 will be tuned to make "well over" 500 horsepower. Company CEO Mike Flewitt told the magazine, "Like our other models, this one will have a higher power-to-weight ratio and better performance figures than any rival."

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