McLaren 570S Design Editions add $10k but still make financial sense

As far as $10,000 packages for six-figures sports cars make financial sense, that is.

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The McLaren 570S' five new Design Edition models add just over $10,000 to the car's starting price but promise some clever packaging of styling and design features. McLaren turned to its own designers to pick out colors, trims, wheels, and other details for each Design Edition, delivering what it calls packages that make "financial sense." Now, stop laughing about a $10,000 package for a six-figure sports car making financial sense and keep reading, because we're going to explain why McLaren's right. Let's start with Design Edition 1, which is that red beauty up top.

Edition 1 pairs Vermillion Red paint with diamond-cut, five-spoke alloys, a black – or "Stealth" if you insist on McLaren's silly nomenclature – exhaust finish, and red calipers, while the cabin is a mix of black Alcantara and red Nappa leather with Slate Grey contrast stitching. McLaren says that while you could get a car finished the same way, a customer would need to pick each option individually, leading to a premium of far more than the Design Edition's $10,320.

In other words, think of the five Design Editions as a value package, bringing you a lot of new style at a lower price. And since McLaren doesn't call these cars a limited or special edition, the move could let the company leverage some economy of scale – building broadly similar versions of a car is, after all, cheaper than going bespoke on each new vehicle – so it's good for all parties.

In addition to Vermillion Red, it's offering its Design Edition models in Onyx Black, Storm Grey, Ventura Orange, and Silica White. Dealers are accepting orders, with deliveries slated for 2017.

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