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Watch dashcam video of driving car crushed by highway sign

The driver walked away with minor injuries

The driver walked away with minor injuries.

Behold, Waffle House has a food truck

It’s just one, and it’s for private events only. But we want more.

It's just one, and it's for private events only. But we want more.

Many fatalities as Amtrak train derails, falls onto I-5 near Tacoma

It was making inaugural run on a new high-speed route

Road trip: A Chevy Bolt's journey to the far reaches of its range

Or, a road trip to Indiana tests the Bolt's real-world travel chops.

It's non-trivial.

Source of meat littering New Hampshire highway a mystery

Meet the mysterious meat that is hitting the street.

Someone tossed a lot of frozen, packaged meats along a highway in New Hampshire over the weekend, and no one knows why.

No Limits: Derestricted Highways of the World

Where to go if all you want to do is drive fast.

There's only a handful of locales without speed limits on their public roadways. Join us for a pictorial journey around the world of derestricted highways.

Mud covers highways, strands drivers in Southern California

About 200 cars were swamped by a mudslide in the mountains and desert north of Los Angeles Thursday afternoon.

Federal DRIVE Act would charge EV drivers a new fee

Feds Looks To Make Up Highway Shortfall From Lower Gas Taxes

US government considers adding fees especially for electric-vehicle drivers.

How America invented the road trip

The history of the American road trip is full of technological innovations, new industries and federal oversight.

This is one odd solar bike lane in the middle of a Korean highway

South Korea builds a 20-mile, solar-powered bike line down the middle of a highway.

Nissan drives glowing Leaf on Holland's glowing highway

Nissan enjoys a 95 percent share of the EV market in Holland, which just so happens to have a Smart Highway that glows in the dark just like this Leaf. If ever there was a specific car that was meant to drive on a specific road, surely this is it.

Bikers rescue dog on highway

Bikers have a bad reputation, what with their tough exteriors and permanently messy hair, but those who ride also have a softer side. Take this video, uploaded yesterday to YouTube by user Prince Henry, of bikers stopping traffic on the freeway to help a scared dog.

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More than you could ever hope to know about those sound walls that line freeways

Chances are good that unless you're a city planner or traffic engineer, the number of hours – minutes, even – most people think about the history and design of the sound walls lining America's freeways is roughly zero. The concrete or cinderblock structures turn into a blur at high speeds, and they're specifically designed to blend into the background. If drivers don't notice the barriers, then the designers have done their jobs. However, a new piece from Medium digs deep in

Solar Roadways raises $1M for solar-panel covered roads [w/video]

UPDATE: the campaign has been extended to June 20. See the press release below.

Highways Glow Green In The Netherlands

Smart highway uses simple technology to save engery

Glow-in-the-dark road markings have replaced streetlights on a small stretch of highway in The Netherlands.

Ecotricity offering 1,000 free EV miles to new customers

Ecotricity is offering electric vehicle drivers in the United Kingdom an lengthy incentive for using green energy: 1,000 miles of free fast charging per year. Called "Green Electricity + Car," the program will power customers' homes with renewable power allow them to charge their cars through Ecotricity's national network of fast chargers, which the company has named the Jon LeSage

In city driving, hybrids really outshine the competition

OK, maybe this newsflash is an obvious one to longtime green-car observers, but the folks at Pittsburgh's Carnegie Mellon found it worth publicizing that hybrids are a lot more useful to city drivers than highway hounds.

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