Source of meat littering New Hampshire highway a mystery

Meet the mysterious meat that is hitting the street.

Someone tossed a lot of frozen, packaged meats along a highway in New Hampshire over the weekend, and no one knows why. Residents in Epping, NH, discovered packages of chicken, drumsticks, sausage, Angus steaks, pork chops and even wild game meats tossed along Route 87. They alerted police to the mounds of meat - 30 to 40 separate packages in all. When police arrived much of the meat was still partially frozen.

"This is not your average investigation," Epping Police Captain Jason Newman told the Union Leader. The meat seems to have been chucked out every 200 feet along the highway. Red Oak Hill resident Jude David told the paper that she threw out a whole frozen chicken that appeared near her home.

"I was horrified by the amount of meat that was just discarded all over the place. We're not talking a small package. There was a lot of product," she said.

While the meat was still in the package, only one still had the label attached. Police did not disclose what store one of the packages is from and they're still at a loss for motive or suspects. If discovered, this chronic food waster would be charged with illegal dumping, a misdemeanor.

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