Bikers rescue dog on highway

Bikers have a bad reputation, what with their tough exteriors and permanently messy hair, but those who ride also have a softer side. Take this video, uploaded yesterday to YouTube by user Prince Henry, of a group of motorcyclists stopping traffic on the freeway to help a scared dog.

The gang of eight bikers block four lanes of traffic while scampering after the lost and scared pooch. It takes them a minute, but they eventually grab the little guy. Either you're touched by their heroism or annoyed for the drivers sitting in traffic, depending on you're opinion of dogs.

Unless you have a gang of your friends around, stopping on a busy road to help out animals is a bad idea. Last year, a woman in Canada caused the deaths of a father and daughter after she stopped to corral some baby ducks off of the side of the road. A dad driving a motorcycle couldn't stop in time and struck her car head on going between 65 and 70, killing himself and his daughter instantly. The animal-lover served 90-days in jail for criminal negligence and had her license suspended for 10 years.

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