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Here's one more chance to order a brand new Ford GT

Proceeds benefit the Petersen Automotive Museum Foundation

Auction Action: Steve Saleen's pre-pro Ford GT up for grabs in Monterey

Steve Saleen's Ford GT Prototype – Click above for image gallery

eBay Find of the Day: 2005 Ford GTX1 prototype

Ford GTX1 Prototype – Click above for image gallery

Geiger continues excessive use of bright paint, boost with 790-horsepower Ford GT

Geiger Ford GT HP790 - Click above for a high-res image gallery

KEY FOR-D-GT kit fixes Ford supercar's only fault

The Ford GT is on the short list of coolest cars in the 21st century, with up to 600 horsepower, killer retro looks, and Ferrari F430-beating athleticism. Buyers were more than happy to accept a limited edition Ford supercar, but many owners were less than thrilled with Ford's corporate key and fob. While it sounds a bit petty, sharing a key with an F-150 just doesn't scream exotic track star.

Ford GTX1 production comes to an end

Click image for hi-res gallery of the GTX1

Saleen 550 offers GT owners a matching daily driver

Click image above for high-res gallery of the new Saleen 550.

Ford GT National Rally II stops at Cars & Coffee event

Click above image for large high-res gallery from the National Rally II stop at C&C.

Ford wants Mustangs to race in Europe, will face the Ford GT

click above image to view high-res photos of the FR500C and FR500GT for your desktop

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