Ford GTX1 production comes to an end

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Gennadi Dedign Group has announced that the end draws nigh for the company's limited-run Ford GT roadster conversion, the GTX1. Over two years of production, the plan was to make 600 total cars available. 100 would be SEMA Edition replicas of the Valencia Orange show car shown above and in the attached gallery. The other 500 would be regular customer cars. According to Gennadi, only 100 cars or so have been ordered and completed, and whatever the number stands at when orders are officially ended on August 31, 2008 will be the final production run. The SEMA editions, in addition to the roof conversion, also received a host of additional upgrades including racing seats, adjustable shocks, Wilwood brakes, a power boost to 700 horses, a hidden rear bumper, and other some interior tweaks, too. Incidentally, we recently saw one of the finished customer cars (it sported the Tungsten paint job) in Greenwich, CT not long ago. With the roof in place, it can easily be mistaken for a "garden variety" GT -- which we would have done if not for the GTX1 labeling aft of the front wheel. Little did we know that it was one of a much smaller group than Gennadi probably anticipated building. If you've got a Ford GT and a hankering for an arier experience, you've got until August to let Gennadi have its way with it.

[Source: Gennadi Design Group]

January 4th, 2008

End of the production for the Ford GTX1

It seems true that all good things must come to an end and so it is with the Ford GTX1 concept car that was designed by Kip Ewing of SVT Division for the 2005 SEMA show in Las Vegas. The car was an instant hit at the show. Plans to build a limited production run of the GTX1 were laid and agreed to between Ford Motor Co. and Genaddi Design Group. Clients could now upgrade their Ford GT Supercars into the GTX1 Roadster version at Genaddi Design Group's facilities in Green Bay, WI. A limited number of 500 GTX1s, built to the customer's request, plus an additional 100 SEMA edition cars, built to duplicate the car that appeared at the SEMA show in 2005, were available.

Only about 100 GTX1s have been ordered and completed by Genaddi Design Group but like the original run of the Ford GT Supercars, the build cycle for the GTX1 was, and is limited to two years. The GTX1 was made famous by numerous magazines worldwide, countless videos and U-tube shows and even famed car aficionado Jeremy Clarkson of the BBC TV Show Top Gear. He claimed while driving the GTX1 that it was one of the best cars he had ever driven. The GTX1 is listed in the NADA book and is a collectable icon that will increase in value and collectability now and in years to come.

The GTX1 is only available for an additional 8 months with orders being taken until August 31st, 2008. If the number is met of 600 units for the build, great, if not the lucky ones that own a GTX1 will see their investment portfolio increase in value by owning one of these rare supercars.

Genaddi Design Group will still offer all options to GT owners after August 2008 like their practical products that make ownership of a normal GT more enjoyable. These options include but are not limited to the Butterfly Doors, performance upgrades, chassis stiffener systems and wild interior and exterior color changes and also the trunk option. In the future, nothing will change between Genaddi Design Group and the GT community except the GTX1 will be in the history books. The bell has rung and being late for class on this one will get you an immediate failure as a collector.


Mark Gerisch
Genaddi Design Group LLC

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