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In terms of tracks, we'd guess that while the Nürburgring gets the most press, Laguna Seca is number two. And with good reason, as Mazda's Raceway is fast, technical, beautiful and challenging. Plus, because the famed track's in Caramel, California, you get gorgeous, picture postcard weather for ten months of the year. If not more. Then, of course, there's the famous Corkscrew, and all of the hijinks that it ensures.

So large is Laguna's legend that Sony is now using to the track to sell its newly PSP ported version of Gran Turismo, the ever popular racing game. And as far as commercials go, this is one of the few we wish were a few minutes longer. The 'vert takes place on track at Laguna Seca where a Corvette ZR1 is chasing down a Ford GT and Nissan GT-R. And is that Tanner Foust? We think it is. Also, bonus points for whoever can identify the car the Blue Devil passes at the very beginning. Okay, we've stalled long enough. Make the jump to watch the video.

[Source: YouTube]

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