VIDEO: twin-turbo Ford GT tops 222 mph in the standing mile

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Anything that can top out above 200 mph is a pretty fast car, but one that can do it from a standing start within a mile is an insanely fast car. This twin-turbo Ford GT modified by Jason Heffner of Heffner's Performance not only does that, but exceeds 222 mph at the one-mile mark. This thankfully wasn't done on public roads, but at the Goliad Industrial Air Park during the bi-annual Texas Mile event.

The driver makes a total of four runs, starting with a 215-mph pass followed up by a 222.2-mph run. The third attempt doesn't go so well as the tires are overwhelmed by the car's torque and it goes off course into the dirt, but the fourth run is a success, and the 222 mph mark is reached again. Follow the jump to see this display of massive horsepower run amok.

[Source: YouTube]

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