Nicolas Cage donates Ford GT to UTI

Having worked through a two-year automotive technology degree, I have worked on my fair share of donated vehicles. Most came in the form of 165,000-mile woody station wagons that weren't worth the value of the tires they rolled in on. Nicolas Cage was apparently impressed by the program at Universal Technical Institute in Phoenix, so he wanted to be sure there would be plenty to talk about for the recruiters working hard to attract new students.

From his personal vehicle collection, Cage donated his 2005 Ford GT to the school to use in a display for a November 29th open house. The vehicle will then be used by the students to learn how to add performance tweaks as well as disassemble and reassemble the GT as a part of their training. Kind of like getting a Nicole Kidman look-alike to work on in medical school.

[Source: AutoWeek]

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