Auction Action: Steve Saleen's pre-pro Ford GT up for grabs in Monterey

Steve Saleen's Ford GT Prototype – Click above for image gallery

Steve Saleen has apparently gotten it in his mind to auction off his personal Ford GT. While we're not exactly ones to go all star-crossed over a vehicle's ownership history, this particular car is more than a plain vanilla GT with Saleen's name on the title. In fact, the car was never titled at all because it's the fifth of nine prototype vehicles built before GT production got off of the ground in 2005. The car started life dipped in yellow, but received the blue on white treatment at some later point in history.

If the paint doesn't do anything for you, the fact that the car reportedly wears a hand-built twin-screw supercharger should. Supposedly, Saleen's GT was the only of the nine prototypes to receive the blessing of forced induction. The car currently has 4,000 miles on the odometer thanks to a lengthy stint in PR and a few movie appearances in the likes of The Fast and the Furious and Rocky Balboa – that's got to be worth something, right?

If Saleen's supercar sounds like something you wouldn't mind sticking in the garage, you'll need to check out the Russo and Steele auction at Monterey this weekend.

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[Source: Russo and Steele via Automobile]

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