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They weren't the only ones with a good month, either

They weren't the only ones with a good month, either

Car Buying

Save thousands by skipping AWD

Save thousands by skipping AWD.


Hyundai's CEO wants to launch the bid before Sergio Marchionne retires

Hyundai's CEO wants to launch the bid before Sergio Marchionne retires.


VW, Ford, Nissan and Infiniti are ignoring the show too

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is planning to not attend the Paris Motor Show this year, as it is not profitable enough for the company.


FCA, UAW conspired with cash to sway labor negotiations, U.S. says


Also, the Subaru Ascent and Audi Q8

... Also, the Subaru Ascent and Audi Q8.


It's a global truck, first and foremost

It's a global truck, first and foremost.


700 and 600 hp, respectively, with electrification across Alfa lineup

Look for electrification across all models in the next few years.


New Ram HD coming too, all part of FCA's latest five-year plan

FCA revealed this and more at its latest five-year plan.


Spoiler: The Chrysler 200 didn't make it

Spoiler: the Chrysler 200 didn't make it.


Investors demand it of outgoing CEO: ‘FCA is way behind rivals’

Investors demand it of outgoing CEO: 'FCA is way behind rivals.'


In an ‘extremely rare’ situation, cruise control might be stuck on

In an "extremely rare" situation, cruise control might be stuck on.


Higher horsepower, destination fee push starting price up $1,500

Fiat Chrysler is giving a big price increase to the 2018 Fiat 500 minicar, with its newly enhanced powertrain and other upgrades adding up to as much as a $1,500 premium over the outgoing versions. Taken together with a $250 boost to destination fees for most cars, SUVs and trucks in the FCA family, and it's going to cost quite a bit more to drive the Italian subcompact.


Making room for the forthcoming Wrangler pickup

After more than 2.1 million models made since production began in 2006, a white 2018 Wrangler JK Rubicon Unlimited rolled off the line Friday at FCA's plant in Toledo, Ohio, as the last of its kind and as factory employees snapped photos. Fiat Chrysler is planning to retool the U.S. Toledo Supplier Park plant for an all-new Jeep pickup truck for launch in the first half of 2019. The final Wrangler JK will become one of the Jeep brand's show properties.


Marchionne closing the gap with GM and Ford

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles reduced its debt by more than expected in the first quarter, putting the carmaker well on course to become cash positive later this year.


There's 1,485 horsepower on offer. Plus some kit.

A little while ago we wrote about the Dodge Viper factory being recommissioned into a museum that will hold the historic cars originally evicted from the Walter P. Chrysler museum. Now, what happened to the last Viper that factory built? It's getting auctioned off, in good company.


Ford SmartLink may be a tall ask for niceties customers simply expect

When it was first introduced in 2007, there was nothing like the original Ford Sync system, since it allowed car owners to connect and use a portable device better than anything that came before it. It took competitors awhile to catch up. But now Ford is the one playing catchup.


Walter P. Chrysler Museum cars get a new home under one roof

After the Walter P. Chrysler Museum's clearout, it was obvious that the company's 400-vehicle collection would not be lost, but it took until now for FCA to announce new premises for the cars. The place for them will be created from the former home of the Dodge Viper, the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant close to the 8 Mile Road in Detroit.


Tank brackets on 2009-2012 Ram pickups can fail from rust

Drive a Ram 1500? Maybe it's time to give your fuel tanks a look. FCA is issuing a voluntary recall of over 270,000 Ram 1500 pickups to prevent their fuel tanks from sagging.

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