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This 1,000-horsepower, rear-drive Toyota Corolla iM could be yours

It's even still eligible for professional drifting

It's even still eligible for professional drifting.

1987 Buick GNX with 8.5 miles sells for ... well, you won't believe it [UPDATE]

It's 32 years old yet brand new, and it just blew by the previous sales record

It's 32 years old yet brand new, and it just blew by the previous sales record.

This 1994 Toyota Supra with 7,111 miles sold for six figures

It blew right past $100K

A 1994 Toyota Supra sports car in red with a manual is sold in an auction on Bring a Trailer for over $100,000.

Ford M151A2 MUTT is an uncommon vintage military off-roader

For $12,000, this may be the thinking man's Jeep alternative.

For sale in Washington State, this nearly 45-year-old Ford M151A2 MUTT was a military mainstay from its debut in the early 1959 to its retirement in 1999.

BringATrailer getting into the auction business

If you're into classic cars and don't already know about the website BringATrailer.com, you're seriously missing out. The site highlights vintage cars of all stripes for sale on the internet, whether they are from eBay Motors, Craigslist, its own readers or practically anywhere else. Even if you're not shopping for something to add to your garage, the commenters' discussions are usua

The story of Bring A Trailer, as told by Petrolicious

We've featured the cars of Bring a Trailer, and not so long ago Jay Leno's Garage added a car found on the classics-focused site. Four-wheeled filmmakers Petrolicious have gone behind the web page with a seven-minute piece on the co-founders of BringATrailer.com, Randy Nonnenberg and Gentry Underwood.

Jay Leno's garage grows by one thanks to BaT

It turns out Jay Leno shops for classic cars just like the rest of us do: by wasting untold hours drooling over occasionally perusing BringaTrailer.com. The comedian and host of The Tonight Show recently took a shine to a memorable 1963 Ford Falcon Sprint shown on the site, and it wasn't long before a few phone calls were made. Now

Settle our Dispute: 6,660-mile Omni GLHS or Porsche-powered Vanagon

It's the battle of 1986: The best Shelby "Goes Like Hell" Dodge extant or a four-wheel-drive Volkswagen Vanagon powered by a flat six from a Porsche 911. Both of these awesome rides popped up in our inbox this morning, thanks to our favorite automo

Vintage VW Bug buyer already had key to the car

At this time of year there are no shortages of holiday miracles. Most of them seem to involve animals, the cuter and furrier the better. Just today we read about a baby seal who sought shelter in a New Zealand woman's house and curled up on the couch. Earlier in the week, it was the four deer who were saved from drowning by boaters in Alaska. Well, here's a car story in the same vein.

Bring a Trailer branches out, launches garage and storage service

There's really no website we like better than Bring A Trailer. In fact, when Congress passes the Stop Online Piracy Act and the corporations shut down everything on the Internet except WhiteHouse.gov, we're probably going to be more upset at losing BaT than our own jobs.

16-Person Dodge VanKat is a blizzard of awesome

The Vancat – Click above for high-res image gallery