Bring a Trailer branches out, launches garage and storage service

There's really no website we like better than Bring A Trailer. In fact, when Congress passes the Stop Online Piracy Act and the corporations shut down everything on the Internet except, we're probably going to be more upset at losing BaT than our own jobs.

So we're stoked about this latest offering from the same guys who fill our e-mail inboxes with automotive dreams for sale every day: The BaT Garage. This is not some virtual garage hosted on an Internet server in an office park in Nebraska, but a real facility, with mechanics and tools and grease and oil and all the smells you associate with such. It's located in Hayward, CA, and here's the best part: You can store your own car there and let the staff take care of it for you.

While basic pricing runs between $200-$300 per month, BaT will also offer additional services like airport pickup, a fueling service, delivery and even detailing. The operation is being run by Virtuoso Performance, whose resume includes supporting 28 cars at this year's Monterey Motorsports Reunion. We can't wait to see the BaT Garage in person, and we have to ask, is it too early to talk about franchising opportunities?

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