Old military vehicles are cool. You can't see an Willys MB or a decommissioned Humvee and not smile. But what if you like the idea of a retired Army vehicle, but need something... different. Well, you could buy a deuce and a half or a flattrack, but those are a little too big to use regularly. So we'd recommend this – a 1972 Ford M151A2, up for sale on Craigslist in Washington.

Featured on Bring a Trailer, Ford designed the MUTT – short for Military Unit Tactical Truck – to replace the Willys M38 and M38A1 (the military versions of the Jeep CJ-3A and CJ-5). Unlike those more traditional jeeps, the MUTT uses an independent suspension and a unibody construction. While Ford built and designed the M151A2, AM General and Kaiser built a few MUTTs during its 23-year production run, too – the three companies screwed together over 100,000 M151A2s between 1959 and 1982.

That should make finding spare parts easy, not that you'll have to worry much. The MUTT's owner claims it runs "perfect," thanks to a fresh round of fluids and a new set of tires. In fact, despite its service, there's only 40,000 miles on the clock. The owner claims 95 percent of the parts are original. And the price? At $12,000, it's darn reasonable considering its excellent condition.

You can check out the M151A2 over at Bring a Trailer, or go directly to the sale page on Craigslist.

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