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Book recommendations for you from the Autoblog staff

We write for a living, but we love to read, too. Here are some favorites

Bentley recaps its 100 years in a $250k book

This book can be customized (and cost more than a Bentley)

Book weighs roughly 66 pounds, gatefold pages nearly 6.5 feet wide when opened.

Car subscription services: A slow, expensive start — but the potential is huge

It's in automakers' best interests to get subscriptions right

It's in automaker's best interests to get subscriptions right.

This kids' book about autonomous cars is totally not creepy

Learn all the ways self-driving cars will turn our world into a utopia.

The holidays are coming and this Singer Designs book is great

A new book is on the way just in time for the holidays that delves into the story of Singer Vehicle Designs.

Yes, there's a children's book starring a mouse and her Tesla

Some Drivers May Have Problems Reaching The Pedals

The children's book 'My Tesla: A Love Story of a Mouse and Her Car' explains the joys of buying and driving a Model S.

Former CEO Whitacre says he blocked GM move out of Detroit

Former General Motors CEO Ed Whitacre has served up a few revelations about his time at the automaker in his new memoir, American Turnaround: Reinventing AT&T and GM and the Way We Do Business in the USA. Among the choice tidbits is word that in August of 2009, Whitacre says he blocked a plan that would have seen GM workers ab

EVs do more environmental harm than good, author argues

Well, here's one guy who might not win too many popularity contests around the People's Republic of Berkeley.

Go Faster celebrates the 70s heyday of race car liveries

According to Sven Voelker's book Go Faster, it was American driver Briggs Cunningham who ushered in the era of the "go-faster stripe" when he put two of them on his white Le Mans racer in the fifties. The next year, according to Voelker, stripes were everywhere, and so began the era of wild and memorable race-car liveries that would peak in the 70s and 80s.

Ex-BMW design boss Bangle writes book, launches contest

Chris Bangle's latest novel idea is, in fact, an actual novel. The designer has penned fiction tome called Peter Teufel, A Tale of Car Design in 3 Parts.

Bring the Mullin Automotive Museum to your coffee table

We've been big fans of the Mullin Automotive Museum ever since it opened its doors over a year ago. The Oxnard, California shrine to French Art Deco automobiles should be on the must-visit list for any enthusiast.

SAE International book details development of Chevrolet Volt

One of the automotive engineering industry's most storied vehicles, the Chevrolet Volt has been the focus of thousands of articles, including hundreds on AutoblogGreen, over the past four-plus years as it moved from a wild-eyed concept to real Eric Loveday

The Hot Rod Art Book for iPad teaches you how to draw cars [w/video]

Hot Rod Art Book app for the iPad – Click above to watch video after the jump

Tobey Maguire to play Phil Hill in The Limit

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines. The late, great Formula 1 racer Phil Hill is poised to come back to life in the near future on book shelves and the silver screen. First up is "Limit", a book by Michael Cannell that chronicles the relationship between Hill and his Scuderia Ferrari teammate Wolfgang von Trips over the course of the 1961 F1 season. That season saw (spoiler alert!) Hill crowned World Champion and von Trips killed in crash at the penultimate Italian Grand Prix. But for those of us who

"Daddy, read me a story" - the Doe's EV children's book

The Department of Energy's Alternative Fuels Data Center website has a children's book. It's called call Daniel and His Electric Car. It's a story about a boy and his father buying a car. I won't spoil the ending but you can probably guess what happens. Wink, wink :D

Jeremy Clarkson deemed literary giant by UK libraries

England's Education Secretary Alan Johnson has published a list of tomes intended to catch the interest of teenage boys. Monies have been set aside so that schools can take their pick of 20 titles from the 160 book list, and house those selections in their libraries. Absent from the register are works considered classic, such as Dickens, Shakespeare, or others from literary history. High on the new list is "I Know You Got Soul" by Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson. Clarkson's book, rather than being

Kelley Blue Book names coolest cars under $18k

Cool doesn't have to be expensive. At least that's what the folks over at Kelley Blue Book figure. The website of the authoritative car-buying resource has put together a list of what they figure are the ten coolest cars you can buy with less than $18,000.

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