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Yes, there's a children's book starring a mouse and her Tesla

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Get this. There's a book called My Tesla: A Love Story of a Mouse and Her Car, about a mouse who loves an electric car. The book's Amazon page notes that its pages feature a mouse named Maxine who falls in love with a red Tesla Model S after taking it for a test drive. The mouse dreams about the car, and considers it as "magical as a unicorn."

The book's author is Joan C. Gratz, whose entertainment experience (thank you, IMDB) includes work as a longtime animator and director of film shorts such as 2010's Kubla Khan and 1992's Mona Lisa Descending a Staircase. Apparently, Gratz made her own impulse purchase of a Tesla (we should all be so lucky), and was inspired to write a book about the vehicle. It sells on Kindle for $2.99 and in paperback form for $8.10.

The book is, perhaps, one of the cheapest ways to talk to your children about the joys of a high-end electric vehicle. If you want a hands-on aid to further make your case to the little ones, Tesla has commissioned the production of miniaturized versions (1:18 scale) of the Model S. These are made of 270 separate metal and plastic pieces put together with fit and finish good enough to make Tesla Motors chief Elon Musk proud. Those high-end miniatures cost $210 each, but you can opt for a cheaper version. Earlier this year, toy maker Mattel started cranking out even smaller die-cast versions of the Model S. Those are available in both a souped-up Hot Wheels version and a more standard Matchbox option.

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