Tobey Maguire to play Phil Hill in The Limit

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines. The late, great Formula 1 racer Phil Hill is poised to come back to life in the near future on book shelves and the silver screen. First up is "Limit", a book by Michael Cannell that chronicles the relationship between Hill and his Scuderia Ferrari teammate Wolfgang von Trips over the course of the 1961 F1 season. That season saw (spoiler alert!) Hill crowned World Champion and von Trips killed in crash at the penultimate Italian Grand Prix. But for those of us who are too A.D.D. to crack the spine of a book, the movie rights are already being acquired for big screen production.

The project is being spear-headed by Maguire Entertainment, the production company headed by Tobey Maguire of Spiderman fame, who is slated to take the wheel as the legendary Phil Hill. Screenwriters and producers are already being lined up, but no word on who would co-star as the ill-fated von Trips. Given all that goes into a major Hollywood production these days, don't expect The Limit, as the film will be billed, to come to a theater near you quite so soon, but when it does, we hope it'll be closer to McQueen's Le Mans than to Stallone's Driven.

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter | Image: Noah Graham/Getty]

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