With the autonomous age looming in our future, it seems that Moovel Labs, a division of Daimler's subsidiary Moovel, decided it's time to talk to your kids about self-driving cars. The group just published a book called Where Do Cars Go at Night?

The book was written and illustrated by a group at Moovel Labs, and it tells the story of an autonomous car named Carla-15. Unlike ordinary cars, Carla-15 doesn't sit parked all night long, and instead takes people where they need to go, fetches groceries, waters plants, and even fixes infrastructure. She's basically a super hero.

Heroic cars are only one part of the rosy picture this book paints of the autonomous future. For instance, big parking garages and lots are obsolete so they can be turned into parks and shopping areas. There are also two final pages explaining that autonomous cars are coming and they will be better. Just to make sure you didn't miss the moral of the story. You can read it all here, or in the embed below.

If we're being honest, this book is pretty harmless, and we're sure there will be some kids that get a kick out hearing about how cars of the future will drive themselves and do cool things. And we can respect the desire to take the idea of autonomous cars and "bring it to a level that everybody – even the smallest – can relate."

However, as people who love driving, it's wearisome to be endlessly told how self-driving cars will make the future better, and now groups want to start hammering home their points to kids. Maybe self-driving cars will be better for society, or maybe they'll turn us into lazy blobs like in Wall-E. Or maybe with cars running around all the time instead of stopping and being shut off, reductions in fuel use and emissions won't be that drastic. Or maybe we're just being cynical.

One thing this author can say for sure, for all the cool things Carla-15 can do, she's no Tooth-Gnasher Superflash. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, you have some reading to do.

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