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Utah State Legislature may put up $5M to saving Bonneville Salt Flats

Only if $45M comes from other sources

Only after $45M comes from non-state sources.

Clear for takeoff: Distiller's vodka-fueled motorcycle sets land-speed record

Raise a glass to Missoula couple's ingenuity

Raise a glass to Missoula couple's ingenuity.

VW Bonneville Jetta built for speed record attempt

This 2019 Jetta should be good for over 208 mph

VW's Bonneville Jetta is shown at the Pikes Peak Fan Fest.

Venturi VBB-3 breaks another EV speed record with 341 mph Bonneville run

And the VBB managed to hit 359 mpg on one run.

Don't blink.

This three-cylinder Honda is faster than a Bugatti Veyron

The S-Dream Streamliner set a record at Bonneville.

That also makes it the fastest Honda car ever.

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Danny Thompson honors father with land speed record at Bonneville

A need for speed runs in the Thompson family at over 400 miles per hour.

Triumph Motorcycles and Guy Martin target 400 mph at Bonneville

The Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner is a 25-foot long, 1,000-hp monster.

Land speed motorcycle racer Sam Wheeler dies at Bonneville

Wheeler was traveling at about 200 mph when he lost control and crashed.

Bonneville Speed Week set to return in August

The salt is good, the show must go on, etc.

Bonneville Speed Week is set to commence this August after being canceled in 2015 and 2014.

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Unified effort underway to fix Bonneville Salt Flats

Hemmings tells the fascinating story of the effort to save the Bonneville Salt Flats that brings together racers, geologists, politicians, and the local mining company.

Nissan shows Titan XD diesel land speed truck at SEMA

Nissan and Cummins are building a diesel Titan XD to attempt a land-speed record run, and they're showing an early version of the slippery truck at SEMA.

Despite Mother Nature, Venturi VBB-3 sets EV class speed record

The Venturi VBB 3 sets a tentative class record at the Bonneville Salt Flats, doing 240.320 mph. Conditions were so bad that the team couldn't go faster.

Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials canceled

The 2015 Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials are cancelled because of wet conditions on the salt flats. There isn't enough viable area to support so many bikes racing there for five days.

Bonneville Speed Week canceled for 2015

Because the salt is still too wet and muddy, the 2015 Bonneville Speed Week has been cancelled. Last year the event also didn't happen due to heavy rains.

Bonneville Salt Flats less salty, Speed Week in danger

With just three weeks until Speed Week, organizers are rushing to find a section of the Bonneville Salt Flats suitable for top-speed racing. Things aren't looking good.

Eva Hakansson now 'World's Fastest Female On A Motorcycle' with KillaJoule

New Electric Motorcycle Speed Record In Utah

Put it this way: if Eva Hakansson had sufficient battery capacity and road space for her record-breaking KillaJoule electric "sidecar" motorcycle, she could make the 650-mile trip from her Denver-area home base to Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats in about the time it takes to watch a football game. Heck, she could probably relax and catch the fourth quarter at her destination.

Carpool Deville aims to be the world's fastest hot tub

The world needs crazy inventors with wild dreams. While we might not long for the things that they create, their contraptions certainly make the day a little more enjoyable. Take the Carpool Deville as an example. Nobody (well, almost nobody) is asking for a hot tub fashioned from a 1969 Cadillac that is still drivable. But now that you know that such a beast exists, don't try to tell us you aren't at least intrigued.

List host Jessi Combs hits 440 mph, becomes World's Fastest Woman On Four Wheels [w/videos]

A couple of weeks ago, Autoblog's video series, The List: 1,001 Car Things to do Before You Die, tackled somet

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