The famous Bonneville Salt Flats is in serious trouble, but hope could be on the horizon. It was once a place for racers to reach the fastest speeds imaginable on land, but organizers had to cancel Speed Week there for the last two years due to the poor condition of the salt. Now, people have started pushing federal and state officials to fix things, and a fantastic story on Hemmings chronicled their hard work to bring back Bonneville.

As the report points out, there isn't an easy solution to rescue the salt flats, and the increased rainfall in the area only makes the problem more difficult. However, racers, the local mining company, politicians, and geologists continue to work together to develop ways to maintain as much salt as possible.

The piece largely focuses on the Save the Salt Utah Alliance that works on the local and state level to improve things. This is a fascinating case where environmentalism and the desire to reach insane speeds go hand-in-hand. The entire story of the group's effort to save the high-speed site is definitely worth a read.

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