After being canceled in 2014 and 2015, there's finally some good news surrounding Bonneville Speed Week. Enthusiasts looking to get their names etched into history with high-speed machines will, hopefully, be able to go flat out on Bonneville's Salt Flats in August. The news comes from an update from June 28 on the Southern California Timing Association's website by SCTA President and Race Director Bill Lattin and Bonneville Nationals Inc. Chairman Pat McDowell.

"As of right now we have an 8-Mile Long Course, a 5-Mile Short Course and a 3-Mile Rookie Course," claims the update. "Course Prep is in motion and the 5-Mile & 3-Mile courses have been groomed." Last year, the SCTA could only find 2.25 miles of safe salt to race on. However, the organization is confident that the available grounds are good to go. "The SCTA is confident that the courses are all good and there is salt all the way down."

The Bonneville Speed Week was canceled for the past two years because of the poor condition of the salt. The SCTA and BNI have worked closely together over the years with the Bureau of Land Management to protect and return the slat flats to its race-ready condition. The program is part of a larger initiative that is referred to as Save the Salt.

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