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Bloodhound SSC gets a new color scheme for its new lease on life

The project received funding at the end of last year

The project received funding at the end of last year

Bloodhound speed record project saved as investor is found

It could cost $32 million to attempt 1,000 mph

It could cost $32 million to attempt 1,000 mph.

Bloodhound SSC canned as no investor is found

Breaking 1,000 mph would have cost $32 million

Breaking 1,000 mph would have cost $32 million.

Bloodhound SSC land speed record team needs money, lots of it

The company went into administration

The company went into administration.

Bloodhound SSC will make its record attempt next year

Rocket car will head to South Africa, where it hopes to break 1,000 mph

We've been following the progress of the Bloodhound SSC supersonic land speed record car for a while. Last fall, it managed to complete some successful test runs. With those out of the way, the next step is the record attempt. The group behind the car announced that it will make an attempt in the fall of 2019, probably between October and November.

1000 mph Bloodhound SSC totally deserves this Lego model

The team itself gave the model a thumbs-up.

Will it reach 1000 mph – or enough backers?

Bloodhound gang notches 2 successful 200-mph test runs

"This is a proper fast car. We came here to show the world Bloodhound is go."

"This is a proper fast car," says pilot Andy Green. "We came here to show the world Bloodhound is go."

Supersonic car pilot Andy Green describes setting the land speed record

It's the 20th anniversary of the Thrust SSC's run. Up next, the Bloodhound.

It's the 20th anniversary of the Thrust SSC's run. Up next, the Bloodhound.

Bloodhound team says testing of the supersonic car is a go

What is presumably the world's fastest car has been sitting still for a long time, but that might change in, well, a few months. A date has been set for the Bloodhound supersonic land-speed car to be tested for the first time - in October. Or in the words of the team's press release: "Bloodhound is go!" The testing at Cornwall Airport Newquay, in England, will come 20 years after RAF Wing Cmdr. Andy Green steered the Thrust SSC to the current record of 763.035 mph. Green is signed o

Bloodhound supersonic land speed car is going nowhere fast

Team says cash flow, engine tweaks delaying efforts.

1000-mph Bloodhound SSC project saved by Geely

Chinese car maker supplies technical assistance and cash, plus other project updates.

We sat down with Chief Engineer Mark Chapman for the latest updates on the project.

Bloodhound Supersonic Car To Attempt 1,000 MPH | Autoblog Minute

In October 2017, Andy Green and the team behind the Bloodhound supersonic car will attempt to set a new World Land Speed Record by hitting 800 MPH. Then, the Bloodhound SSC will make an attempt to hit 1,000 MPH.

Autoblog Minute
Bloodhound SSC aims for 1,000-mph land-speed record | Autoblog Minute

The team behind Bloodhound SSC announce that a first attempt at a new World Land Speed Record will take place in October of 2017. Eddie Sabatini reports on this edition of Autoblog Minute.

Meet the men driven to reach 1,000 mph on land

Andy Green and Richard Noble already broke the sound barrier once on dry land, and claimed the World Land Speed Record in the process Now they're at it again, bent on reaching 1,000 miles per hour in the Bloodhound SSC.

Open Road
Bloodhound SSC makes its speed-ready debut in London

After years of development, the Bloodhound SSC land speed record car has been assembled and is ready for testing. Read about its debut in London.

Bloodhound SSC set to debut September 24, we get a preview

As the unveiling of the record-ready 1000-mph car nears, we speak to the project's chief engineer about how the project has evolved and what finishing touches are needed.

Watch Jaguar build its XJR Rapid Response Vehicle for Bloodhound SSC

Jaguar prepares a pair of XJRs to serve as Rapid Response Vehicles alongside the previously revealed F-Type Coupe R for the Bloodhound SSC land speed record attempt.

Watch a Jaguar F-Type R drag a parachute at 186 mph

Jaguar uses an F-Type R Coupe to test the parachute that will form part of the braking system on the Bloodhound SSC as it pursues the land speed record.

Jaguar F-Type to pace Bloodhound SSC as rapid response vehicle

Jaguar has equipped its F-Type R AWD coupe to serve as a rapid response vehicle for the Bloodhound SSC world land speed record attempt, set to debut at the Coventry MotoFest later this month.

1,000-mph Bloodhound SSC can withstand a 2,300-mph bullet

The Bloodhound SSC is still preparing to reach 1,000 miles per hour. To make sure the vehicle is safe, the team shoots a hunk of metal at 2,300 miles per hour into its ballistic safety panel to see what happens.

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