Most of us will never get to hit 200 miles per hour behind the wheel of a car. Heck, most folks would be intimidated to push past 100 mph – and well they should, if they're confined strictly to public roadways. But there's a team of folks in the United Kingdom who are fixated on the goal of reaching 1,000 mph on dry land. And you can meet some of the most influential of them in this latest video from Carfection (formerly known as Xcar).

The project is called Bloodhound SSC. Those letters stand for super-sonic car, and should tell you a bit about the endeavor. Some of them – including Richard Noble and Andy Green who you'll meet in the video above – were deeply involved in the Thrust SSC that set the World Land Speed Record in 1997 at 763 mph – making it the first car ever to break the sound barrier on land. They all swore they'd never do it again, but lo and behold, here they are, trying to push the envelope even further.

The idea this time is to reach Mach 1.4 – or roughly 1,000 mph in grounded terms. To get there, they've completely rethought the aerodynamics, and are employing not only jet power, but rocket power as well. It's an undertaking that's sure to be enshrined in the history books, whatever comes next. Watch the video above for a taste of things to come.

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