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We test Lincoln's 20-speaker Revel Ultima stereo with a rock star

Electric Six singer Dick Valentine loves the treble.

Wise cracks and hot tracks with the MKZ's 1200-watt stereo.

How to Install Car Speakers

Is it time to install new speakers? If you hear rattling or excessive humming or buzzing coming from your car speakers, it may be time to replace your old speakers.

How to Replace a Hole in a Speaker

If you want a good sound system, you need a good set of speakers.

How to Install a Capacitor

It can be upsetting to know you just put a bunch of your hard-earned money into a new car stereo, only to realize it sounds terrible.

How to Install a Head Unit on a Stereo

Virtually all vehicles built in the past fifty years come with some sort of audio entertainment system as standard equipment.

How to Diagnose Blown Car Speakers

Even the highest-quality audio systems wear out over time, especially if you like to listen to your music at a high volume.

How to Choose a Good Aftermarket Car Radio

Not everyone is satisfied with the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) radio that comes with their car and many people want to buy a new one.

How to Listen to CDs in a Car Without a CD Player

While the primary purpose of driving your car is to get from Point A to Point B, you might as well enjoy the process, especially if you have a lengthy commute.

How to Choose and Install Subwoofers

While a factory sound system will do the job, if you want to really “feel” the music, you should install an aftermarket system, and subwoofers are a big part of a high quality aftermarket car stereo system.

How to Install a New Pair of Car Speakers

Stock car speakers aren’t always the highest quality available.

How to Remove a CD Jammed in a Car Player

It can be really easy to get frustrated at a stuck CD, especially when you’ve been forced to listen to the same song over and over every time you get in the car.

Cadillac previews CT6 interior and its 34 Bose speakers

Cadillac shows off a monochrome rendering of the interior in the CT6 sedan while promoting the new, 34-speaker Bose Panaray Sound System that will come with it.

Aha Radio Ads CBC, BlogTalk and Hay House

Custom radio content integrates to car

Aha, the service that allows users to organize their own customized content on their smartphone, and integrate it to a car's entertainment system, announced it has added CBC/Radio-Canada, BlogTalkRadio and self-improvement content provider Hay House Publishing to its offerings.

Pagani and Sonus Faber ink deal for high-end Huayra audio system

Along with a mysterious Track Pack for the Pagani Huayra, the Italian builder of deliciously crafted supercars announced a partnership with Sonus Faber, Italian builders of deliciously crafted speakers, at the Geneva Motor Show. Pagani didn't reveal how many speakers the Sonus Faber kit has, but did tell us that at 1,200 watts it's three tim

Logic3 classes up headphones with Prancing Horse

White earphones too bland for you? Black too slow? Your otherwise high-end cans just not expensive enough? Logic3 hopes to remedy your plight with its new line of Ferrari-branded earphones and headphones.

Nissan partners with Ministry of Sound for one-of-a-kind Juke Box [w/videos]

Ministry of Sound has grown over the past two decades into an internationally renowned brand, including a record label, fashion line and series of consumer electronics. But it all started with a single room, designed by Martin Audio, that is said to have some of the best accoustics and finest sound systems in the world. Now Martin has applied the same formula to create the Nissan Juke Box.

This is what the 2013 Ford Focus ST sounds like [w/audio]

To say that we're eager to drive the 2013 Ford Focus ST is one of the understatements of the year. After seeing lots of photos and videos, we can't wait to get Ford's new hot hatch out on the road, and now, we have a pretty good idea of what sort of aural stimulation the turbocharged

Ferrari branding expands again, now includes headphones

Ferrari isn't shy about slapping its logo on just about anything it thinks it can sell to fans that will never be able to afford one of its cars. We've seen phones (plenty of them), Jeff Sabatini

VIDEO: BMW announces SYNC-like voice recognition technology for nav, audio

Click above to view two videos of BMW's new voice recognition system after the jump

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