White earphones too bland for you? Black too slow? Your otherwise high-end cans just not expensive enough? Logic3 hopes to remedy your plight with its new line of Ferrari-branded earphones and headphones.

Logic3's Cavallino line is intended for the well-heeled audio enthusiast with aluminum housings covered in hand-stitched, lambskin leather. The Scuderia collection is also built with aluminum but instead of leather, the earphones' colors closely match those of the Ferrari F1 team. Yellow badges and aluminum grilles complete the look.

Both lines also include over-the-ear headphones and Bluetooth compatible dock station speakers. The Scuderia line headphones mimic the look of hearing protection worn by F1 pit crews.

In Ferrari's online store, Scuderia earphones are $166. Cavallino shoppers will pay between $220 and $249 for earphones. Performance specs look to be the same between the different lines as well as price levels. Headphones start at $334 and cap out at $441 in the Scuderia lineup while entry into the Cavallino headphones is $389 and goes up to $481. Sound performance is the same as that for the lower-end lineup.

Ferrari also lent its brand to three speaker dock models. A Scuderia-level speaker without Bluetooth is $667 and $835 with the wireless technology. The Cavallino model gets better performance specs, a different looking shell and $1,017 price tag.

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