Retro Sound radio brings modern music to your classic car

The great thing about vintage cars is, well, they're vintage cars. One of their drawbacks is vintage sound from vintage speakers and vintage playback capabilities. For those times when neither 8-tracks nor some gaudy modern stereo system will do, the Retro Sound Model One keeps things looking smartly classic.

The Model One is essentially modern mechanicals in a classic face -- it's even got chromed knobs, and the mounting system is so flexible that it works with stereos that only use one knob. In addition to 24 presets and a host of outputs, it's also got a USB connection and an auxiliary port, so you can play from just about anything, and the display shows the track names. And if the Retro Sound is still too modern for you, you can get the remote and hide the radio entirely in the glovebox.

[Source: Retro Sound]

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