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With help from Techstars, startup seeks to get its technology included in cars

The kind of input your system uses can make a big difference.

AAA recommends locking out some functions while driving.

And you use the touchscreen for everything — even the windshield wipers

You also have to use the touchscreen to adjust your windshield wipers.

It will be very Panamera-like.

It will be very Panamera-like.

And expect to watch some 'drive-in movies' — and a lot more ads.

When fully autonomous vehicles hit the road en masse, we can expect fewer accidents, less traffic, and reduced tailpipe emissions. But according to two reports, we could also see sharp increases in the consumption of booze due to self-driving cars, and even more time spent staring at screens, binge watching and being bombarded by ads. In a recent report, Morgan Stanley predicted that booze will get a significant boost in sales since the technology could allow people to drink more if they know t

A six-person team at OnStar has been monitoring developments in the storm's path

A six-person team at OnStar has been monitoring developments in the storm's path.

The administration could push a U.S.-content carveout for vehicles, one of a couple of things automakers are against.

Know how your iPhone starts playing music alphabetically when you plug it in to many car stereos?

It's ahead of tunes by artists like Kendrick Lamar, Kesha, Selena Gomez, The Chainsmokers and a number of other popular, well-established acts.

Try the tech before testing the car

Can't wait to try that big touchscreen? Here's a sneak peak.

A bid to force manufacturers to make cars and other devices more secure.

Base MSRP starts at $1,280 than the outgoing 2017 Traverse.

The car companies are all part-owners of HERE.

The app works nearly as well as it does on your phone.

BMW and Microsoft make it possible.

The ultimate multitasking machine.

It's a surprise it's taken this long to reach the aftermarket.

Cars today are a rat's nest, with 80-120 electronic control units from many manufacturers

It's a $37 billion market that's expected to double.

Going up against Spotify or Apple Music is no small task.

It could help your independent repair shop.

Away from phones and focused on products for businesses.

Seriously, stop looking at your phone while driving.

Apple tries to prevent texting and driving.

The system is based on Automotive Grade Linux.

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