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Lucid Gravity revealed as three-row, family-friendly EV with a 440-plus-mile range

Lucid's second car features key advancements over the Air, particularly its tech

Record you having sex? Every car is a smart car, and it's a privacy nightmare

Mozilla told us what auto companies perhaps can do, but what are they actually doing?

2024 Toyota Crown Interior Review: It's nice, but not royally nice

The Crown outclasses the Camry, though it's no budget Lexus on the inside

First Ride
Lexus AreneOS lets you point at objects outside your car and get info

We take a ride in a prototype and test our trigger finger

Deep Dive
Lexus LX 600 Ultra Luxury Deep Dive: Whatya get in a $24,625 back seat?

A lot of screens, a lot of comfort, a lot of fancy. Fewer seats, though

Honda and Acura add garage door control to Apple CarPlay, Android Auto

You may already have an opener that'll work with this

Spy Shots
Likely 2025 Nissan Rogue refresh spied inside and out

Is that a Google-based infotainment system?

Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV Interior Review: Beautiful, quiet and oh so classy

And of course, there's no shortage of futuristic tech

Android Automotive getting Zoom, Weather Channel, Prime Video in some cars

Thankfully, video features don't work while the vehicle is moving

2024 Ford F-150 security tech detects a theft in progress, even parking lot bumps

It's not a Sentry Mode clone, but it should give owners a little more peace of mind

Mercedes-Benz launches OTA entertainment updates for 700,000 vehicles

Dolby Atmos, YouTube, and NewsFlash among the features coming to U.S. cars

Survey says: 10 features new car buyers want most

You might be surprised by what topped the list (or didn't)

BMW Vision Neue Klasse revealed with stunning design, huge EV improvements

It has yellow corduroy seats and an all-new iDrive implementation

Apple seeks patent for an augmented reality windshield

AR projections would overlay data on the vehicle and its surroundings for the driver

Toyota packs Sienna:Remix concept with 60-speaker sound system

It's a throwback to the heyday of car audio competitions

Researchers hack Tesla's infotainment system and get paid upgrades for free

They also managed to retrieve private user data; the team's research is just beginning

2025 Mini Cooper reveals its OLED screen, retro gauges and dog assistant

Here's everything you need to know about Mini's new, impressive digital interface

2025 Mini Cooper interior reveals minimalist retro design, massive circular screen

It gets a light-up dash, and the instrument cluster is gone

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