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Wear a helmet, whether you're a biker or a Viking

Denmark's Road Safety Council puts out a fun PSA about helmets and invading England

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Kawasaki has electric, hybrid and hydrogen motorcycle plans

Green is more than just a color for Kawasaki's future

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GoCycle Fold-Up Electric Bike Review | A commuting alternative

It's quick, it's portable, it's way better than sitting in traffic

GoCycle introduces fourth-generation folding e-bike

Created by a McLaren designer, it uses lightweight materials normally found in race cars.

Polaris teases an all-new electric Ranger utility vehicle

It's sure to be a big upgrade from the current Ranger EV

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Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 ventures well off the beaten path

It's the first adventure touring motorcycle from the American company

It was a massive year for electric bikes and scooters

Adoption has soared throughout the pandemic

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Harley-Davidson details and prices for Serial 1 electric bicycles

Prices start at $3,399, but the vintage look is gone.

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Vintage Electric E-Bikes Review | Big power and retro style without the sweat or spandex

Pedal-assist Cafe, throttle-controlled Roadster have us sold on electric bicycles

Chain reaction: Bikes and pedestrians do battle on COVID-era Paris sidewalks

'Cyclists are not so careful with pedestrians. They just keep going'

Parisian commuters in their thousands reacted to the COVID-19 epidemic by ditching public transport and walking or biking instead, but now they find themselves fighting each other for space on the crowded streets. Twice daily during rush hour, throngs of cyclists teem through central Paris, in many places using cycle lanes specially widened to encourage people to avoid cramming into the metro where they risk spreading the disease. At junctions and pedestrian crossings, the flow of cyclists int

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Brits on bikes: Millions take to cycling in pandemic, fitness-app data show

Bicycle use doubles in places as riders avoid public transportation

Driving the McLaren GT, Audi S7 and Vintage Electric Cafe bicycle | Autoblog Podcast #639

Plus Ford leadership change, driving the Ford Ranger and Toyota 86, and Micro Machines are back!

Plus Ford leadership change, driving the Ford Ranger and Toyota 86, and Micro Machines are back!

Junkyard Gem: 1997 Volkswagen Jetta Trek Edition

The VW that came with a Trek bicycle and a roof rack, now found in a Denver junkyard without the bike.

As ADA turns 30, finding just-right mobility for the disabled is a challenge

There's a need for solutions beyond wheelchairs — look hard, they're out there

Alex Zanardi transferred to rehab center after handbike crash

He suffered serious facial and head trauma, possible brain damage

Alex Zanardi, the Italian auto racing champion-turned-Paralympic gold medalist, was transferred to a neurological rehabilitation center Tuesday, a month after getting seriously injured in a handbike crash. The Siena hospital that had been treating Zanardi since the June 19 crash announced that the athlete had been released but, in accordance with Zanatrdi's family, did not say where he was taken. Zanardi underwent three delicate surgeries at the Siena hospital to stabilize him and reconstruct

Bikes, gear and journeys to make car lovers adopt two wheels

COVID era reveals car and bike enthusiasts aren't so different after all

Alex Zanardi undergoes neurosurgery for a second time

Condition remains 'serious from the neurological point of view'

Former Formula One driver and Paralympic champion Alex Zanardi, seriously injured in a handbike accident 10 days ago, has undergone neurological surgery for a second time, a hospital statement said on Monday. The Santa Maria alle Scotte hospital in Siena said that the surgery had lasted around two-and-a-half hours and that Zanardi, who suffered severe head injuries in the accident on June 19, was sedated and intubated in the intensive care unit. Hospital director Roberto Gusinu said that a sec

Rimac’s bicycle unit launches Internet-connected Greyp G6 e-mountain bike

It can plot out your navigation and take a panoramic selfie for you

Gogoro’s Eeyo 1 is a lightweight e-bike designed for the city

At last, the company is tackling the U.S. market

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