So, you probably noticed the redesign we rolled out on Autoblog last week. And some of you – okay, a lot – wrote to express your concerns about some of the changes. We heard you, and I'm here to let you know about a few design tweaks we've made to address your feedback. We'll keep you informed with more posts like this as we continue to update the site.

First, some more explanation on the redesign. After two years of the previous design, we thought it was time for a mid-cycle refresh. The rationale behind the new layout was to better reflect everything that Autoblog has to offer in addition to the extensive news coverage some of our loyal readers crave. Another reason we went away from the traditional blog roll was to give more exposure to stories and videos we feel warrant extra attention so they don't get pushed down the page. As for the news, we added a module at the bottom that loads the latest stories as you scroll - no more clicking through to page 2 and beyond.

News that's easier to find
You want your news, and like I said, we heard you. To that end, we've fixed a few items. First, the "latest news" tab at the bottom of the lead stories section now takes you straight to a news feed page instead of jumping to the stories at the bottom of the home page. Those stories are still there for those of you who like to scroll. Second, we will soon add a tile in the lead stories section that shows you the most recent news stories.

Comments coming back soon
Yes, comments are coming back. We took the opportunity of the redesign to switch to a new comment system, and that will roll out in the next few weeks. The old system had a number of flaws, most notably that it was difficult for us to keep a lid on off-topic and hateful comments. The new comments system fixes that and adds features like alerts to let you know when someone replies to your post. Overall, we expect to have more responses to your questions and build a better community around story discussions.

More on the way
We're still working to refine the new design and improve page load speeds, so stay tuned for more improvements. While you're here, check out some of the other parts of the site like our research and shopping pages plus features like email alerts for news categories. Also, keep the feedback coming. We love the praise, and even the criticism helps us understand what you like about the site. And, as always, thanks for reading Autoblog. We're glad you're here.

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