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Drumroll please! The most stolen vehicle in Japan is... the Toyota Hiace van! Bet that wasn't your first guess. The lowly Hiace has been creeping up the charts since 2005 when it was barely in the top ten. A year later it was fifth with a bullet. Now it's number one and not looking back. Scofflaws' taste for this workman van seems insatiable, and thefts of SUVs and luxury cars have dropped as a result. That's probably more to do with the anti-theft devices on those vehicles, which may have cause

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While there is definitely a huge rift between those who favor a Detroit bailout and those who would rather see the Big 3 fade away, you'd think that someone like Flint-native and documentary maker Michael Moore would be all in favor of helping the Big Three succeed. After all, Moore rose to fame for his first documentary entitled "Roger and Me" that featured then-CEO of General Motors Roger Smith. According to this piece in the Detroit News, however, Moore doesn't profess unconditional support f

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Wow, what an amazing piece of political theater that just went down. As we reported, four senators from auto producing state (two Democrats and two Republicans) led by Michigan Senator Carl Levin have reached an agreement on a compromise bailout bill for automakers. They were set to announce details of the compromise bill at 2:30PM, but before they could, a team of Congressional Democrats led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid walked into the room in which the pr