Click above for high-res image gallery of the American Modular Tooling by PWM

While heading out to our first press conference of the morning here at the LA Auto Show, we spotted this... this... thing. It sort of looks like a car, but is actually an adult Erector Set of sorts. Paul W. Marino Gages (PWM) offers this line of customizable shop benches and tools known as American Modular Tooling. The pieces can be put together in virtually any configuration allowing workers to hold any part in just about any position. It's a pretty cool line and allows shops to build the bench they need for the job, then tear it down and build something different for the next one. It should also help businesses cut down on space and expenses by giving workers a sizable bag of building blocks to work from rather than requiring they buy a new bench or holder for each task. To show off their goods at this year's auto show, they did the natural thing and built what looked like a car out of their parts. If you're interested in this type of equipment (and frankly who isn't?), check out their website and our gallery of high-res images that show their demonstration "car" from different angles.

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