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Back in 2007, this car was called the Javlon XS500. Then it got shortened to just XS500. Now, the all-electric sedan that Miles EV wants to bring market in 2010 or so is called, well, nothing yet. A highway-speed sedan that Miles hopes to sell 9,000 of in 2010 is visually just what you see above, but there are running prototypes in the states today. The estimated cost is under $40,000 (before government incentives) and the top speed is 85 mph. Range = 150 100+ miles. [my mistake on writing w/o listening back to the interview]

While in LA for the auto show this week, we managed to slip out to Santa Monica and visit the Miles EV offices for chat with president and CEO Kevin Czinger. We'll bring you the full details of that chat soon, but for now, what do you think of the look?

[Source: Miles EV]

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