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Big diesels have their benefits, but perhaps fuel mileage isn't one of them.

If at first you outright fail, try again

You can't keep a good drift car down.

You need something to do while your EV is charging.

The Rolls-Royce SRH was handcrafted for the children in the Pediatric unit of St. Richard's Hospital in West Sussex. It took the Bespoke Manufacturing team about 400 hours to complete this truly one of a kind Rolls-Royce.

It's also going to have loads of carbon fiber trim

ZR1 will let you row your own, or not.

Taking a look at which automakers are creating jobs and how many

Who's hiring and how many jobs have been announced.

There's part of the Prius Prime experience worth loving.

It's a decent drive, for 25 miles.

He's facing more than $1,200 in total fines. Seriously, put the phone down.

Plus he gets some online shaming.

Has he finally met his match?

Watch Block admit fear while spinning all four tires of his 1400-horsepower Hoonicorn.

A seemingly bold move that isn't as bold as you'd think

We hope it pays off.

In an Autoblog exclusive, the head Hoonigan describes his adventure in an all-wheel-drive 1965 Ford Mustang.

An exclusive look behind the scenes with Climbkhana.

It's small and snarly — but is it worth $62 grand?

Think four-door Volkswagen Golf with 400 horsepower.

It is recalling about 50,000 vehicles for a seat belt issue.

Don't autocross your Pacifica with people in the back until you get the fix.

Authorities are stumped as to how this happened

He went missing in January, and wasn't found until this month.

Regulator says it's not satisfied the ride service "is fit and proper to hold a license"

Regulator says it's not satisfied the ride service "is fit and proper to hold a license"

We know the program's price in the U.K. — here's how and why it may differ in the U.S.

How and why it might be quite a bit different in the United States.

Meet your hero.

Who doesn't want a Honda with more torque?

Volvo's new crossover, the XC40, was unveiled in Milan, Italy. The Swedish automaker will pack the XC40 with a cluster of safety equipment.

70 percent of the exterior is completely unique to the car.

An XE in name alone.

This is a good look at the two-door model.

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