2020 Ford F-Series Super Duty yanks out and moves the goalposts on towing

New 6.7-liter PowerStroke diesel crosses the 1,000 lb-ft mark

2020 Ford F-250 King Ranch
2020 Ford F-250 King Ranch
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Ford set up a new big-bore artillery piece in the never-ending pickup truck war-of-increments at the Texas State Fair, aiming a Super Duty-sized shell at rival truck makers. The 2020 F-Series Super Duty, announced earlier this year, adds a new engine, more torque, and a lot more towing capability. The biggest upgrade comes with the 6.7-liter PowerStroke diesel V8, which climbs to 475 horsepower and 1,050 pound-feet of torque and gets paired with a heavy-duty 10-speed automatic transmission. The output figures are 25 hp and 115 lb-ft more than on the 2019 model, and 50 lb-ft more than Ram offers in its 6.7-liter Cummins diesel.

The extra gumption from that diesel ups towing figures for the F-250, 350, and 450. Maximum conventional towing rises to 24,200 pounds, an increase of 3,200 pounds. The fifth-wheel tow rating climbs to 32,500 pounds, up a massive 5,000 over the 2019 model. A gooseneck will be able to handle 37,000 pounds, a 2,000-pound bump over the old model. For oil-burners, these numbers take a step ahead of the Ram and Chevrolet heavy-duty competition.

The 6.2-liter V8 gas engine holds steady with 385 hp and 430 lb-ft and the six-speed automatic, but can be optioned up to the 10-speed auto. Payload increases, however, from 7,640 pounds to 7,850 pounds with the 6.2. And at last, the all-new 7.3-liter "Godzilla" V8 joins the lineup with 430 hp and 475 lb-ft, which represents 20 hp more than the former top dog Ram HD, and 11 lb-ft more than the former top-dog Silverado HD.

The new Tremor package adds offroad capability with revisions that include a lift, high-volume dampers and modified springs, a Dana front limited-slip differential and a locking rear differential, a rock-crawl mode, and 18-inch wheels wearing Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac all-terrain tires. The package can only be optioned with the 7.3-liter gas or 6.7-liter diesel engines and a crew cab. Payload and towing take the expected hit, payload topping out at 4,210 pounds with the 7.3-liter, max conventional pulling topping out at 15,000 pounds and gooseneck towing at 21,900 pounds with the diesel.

We're still waiting on pricing, but the 2020 Ford Super Duty will roll onto dealer lots before the end of the year.

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