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Cummins makes offer for VW's large engines unit, sources say

VW and Cummins have no comment

United States-based diesel engines maker Cummins has made an indicative offer for Volkswagen's MAN Energy Solutions unit, people close to the matter said, as the carmaker seeks to slim down its portfolio of disparate assets. Volkswagen announced in May that it is exploring a sale or partnership for its MAN Energy Solutions as part of a restructuring of the German cars, trucks and bus empire. VW has held talks with Cummins, and received an offer from the U.S. company for MAN

Trucks ready to roll on EPA's 2007 clean diesel spec

Industry organisation, Diesel Technology Forum, has announced that all major heavy-duty truck and engine manufacturers have met new Environmental Protection Agency standards for emissions cuts and have been certified by EPA for full production. To meet the new emissions requirements, new long-haul trucks are equipped with particulate matter filters which result in 2007 models

SEMA 2006: No 4.2L Cummins in Jeep Wrangler concept

What's going on with the Jeep Wrangler diesel concept vehicle on display in the Mopar booth at the SEMA Show? An early news release said it sports a 4.2-liter V6 diesel engine. The wheelstand sign says 4.2-liter diesel engine. We've heard Cummins say they're building a 4.2-liter diesel for light-duty DaimlerChyrsler applications. But peeking under the hood I find a 3.0-liter common-rail die

Cummins launches 38-liter V12 that meets Tier 2 emissions

With a Texas oil show as a backdrop, Cummins showed off the new QSK38 V12 diesel that is Tier 2 emissions compliant and promises better fuel economy and quieter operation. Using enhanced electronics and a modular common-rail fuel system, the massive V12 is suited for mud pumps, drilling rigs and hauling trucks. The engine is rated up to 1,500 horsepower and can twist to the tune of 4,570 lb-ft of torque at 1,000 rpm. The engine represents a major leap in diesel technology for industrial engines

EPA mulls over urea-injection rules

The Environmental Protection Agency is considering a variety of rules that it might apply to urea injection for diesel engines, and is said to ready to issue rules for such emission-control devices in upcoming weeks. The regulations are expected to address potential issues arising with urea injection, such as the availability of the substance, making sure that the system and its low-fluid-level warning system are tamperproof, and dealing with urea's freezing point o

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