Chanje is a new electric truck company with former Tesla execs

Its first vehicle is an all-electric panel van.

A company in California called Chanje has emerged from stealth mode today to announce it will build electric medium-duty delivery trucks. The company is looking for a place to build the vehicles in the U.S., and Chanje says it already has volume orders that it will deliver this year.

Change's executive roster includes VP and General Counsel James Chen (who left Tesla for Faraday Future in 2016), Chief Operating Officer Jeorg Sommer (who left Volkswagen for Faraday Future in 2016), and VP of Manufacturing Jeff Robinson (who previously worked at Tesla, Ford, Mazda and GM).

Chanje's first vehicle will be an all-electric panel van, called V8070, capable of hauling up to 6,000 pounds in its 580 cubic-feet of cargo space. The V8070's 70-kWh battery estimated driving range of 100 miles on a single charge, which is more than enough to meet the average urban delivery truck's 70 miles of daily driving. The company says that third-party testing shows the vehicle to offer more than 50 miles per gallon equivalent (more specs here). It will feature connectivity features to provide fleet managers with real-time data for route and energy optimization, driver profile studies and emissions calculations. Chanje will offer over-the-air software update, and Ryder will be its service and distribution partner.

After the launch of the electric van, Chanje will expand its all-electric vehicle lineup to include larger trucks and shuttle buses of various sizes.

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