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Chanje is a new electric truck company with former Tesla execs

Its first vehicle is an all-electric panel van.

Its all-electric delivery van launches this year.

Faraday Future hires James Chen from Tesla Motors

The future rivalry is getting electric.

Chen accepts the position as Vice President of Government Relations and General Counsel.

New Jersey State Senate Commerce Committee votes to allow sales

Tesla, State Slowly Coming To Terms On Direct EV Sales

The New Jersey state Senate Commerce Committee has voted to allow Tesla to sell its EVs directly to customers.

Ferrari Lusso ownership will add some time to your morning commute

If you've ever driven a vintage vehicle on a regular basis, you know the process from getting from point A to point B is a bit more convoluted than simply hopping in and going. There are rituals to observe, checklists to run through and processes to address before ever touching the ignition. Neglect any one of a number of small tasks and you're likely to find yourself on the side of the road. James Chen, the owner of Axis Wheels, knows all about that. You see, he owns a gorgeous Zach Bowman