Audi features Google Android infotainment system in Q8 Sport concept

Volvo isn't the only company working on a Google Android-based operating system. Apparently Audi has bestowed the Q8 Sport, revealed at the Geneva show, with an infotainment system based on Google's Android operating system, rather than a proprietary one. The company revealed the system at the Google I/O conference.

The system is controlled via the Q8 Sport's touchscreen, and should function like a normal Audi infotainment system. However, this one comes with applications such as Google Play Music, Google Assistant, and Google Maps built-in. Audi also says that running an infotainment system on Android should make it easier for applications and updates to be developed for the automotive version, since it won't require developers to learn to code for a single car line's completely unique and different operating system.

Unlike Volvo, though, Audi doesn't have a timeline for introducing Android infotainment systems. The Swedish company announced that its Android-based system will be in production cars within the next two years.

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