Faraday Future's prototype goes head to head with Ferrari, Bentley, and Tesla


Faraday Future may need to borrow DJ Khaled from Ford, because this hype train isn't stopping until it hits CES in Las Vegas next month. For the past week or so, the EV automaker has been pushing out teaser after teaser in the run up to the reveal of its first production car. Unlike last year's vaporware, this new vehicle seems to be a legitimate, working model. The company has just released a new teaser showing what it's calling powertrain testing. Really, it's just good old-fashioned drag racing, but without time sheets or any definitive results.

We all know EVs tend to be quick. Instant, effortless torque propels vehicles off the line faster than any internal combustion engine could ever hope to do. Until now, it seemed like Tesla was going to hold all the cards when it comes to dragstrip bragging rights. Faraday Future apparently wanted to prove a point, as it lined up a Tesla Model X P100D, a Bentley Bentayga, and a Ferrari 488 GTB. Spoiler alert: The Faraday Future EV appears to trump all three. The video doesn't give a 0-60 mph time for the Faraday Future vehicle, but it looks to beat the Tesla's 2.9-second run.

Despite all of the teasers, few details have actually been revealed about the upcoming vehicle. From spy shots, it appears to be a crossover in the vein of the Tesla Model X. The company is promising more details a CES, so stay tuned for the reveal. Hopefully it will be slightly more believable than the last concept, and the company will be able to avoid money problems long enough to make it to production.

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