There's been a lot of negative news about Faraday Future recently, what with the construction and money troubles. We even saw some suggesting that the company's hyped production vehicle reveal scheduled for CES in January would be put on hold. A new email today shows us that not only will the reveal still take place, but also a tiny teaser of the car's front end. Behold.

Ok, "behold" is a bit much. There's not a lot to see other than an elegant LED headlight line that curves all around the front of the car that mimics the FFZER01 concept Faraday showed at the last CES. There's also a cool grille that has the FF logo built into the latticework on the front of the electric vehicle. The hood looks pretty sleek, but it's tough to tell from just this one image. We'll be on hand at the reveal on January 3rd in Las Vegas, now that we know for sure that it's happening.

While we wait for that, though, let's review what we know about the future EV and the company. Setting the troubles aside, Faraday did hire its 1,000th employee not too long ago. The car itself will have what FF is calling the "highest energy density" battery using LG Chem tech. For the rest of the story, check out this timeline.

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