Faraday Future apparently can't wait until January. The company is slated to unveil its "first production vehicle" at CES in Las Vegas on January 3rd, but it's started teasing the electric vehicle now. We saw the headlights the other day and now we've got a glimpse of the side mirrors. Actually, scratch that, we get a look at the side cameras.

It's this sort of thing that makes us wonder just how production ready this EV is, since it's still illegal to replace side mirrors with camera, even if they help increase a vehicle's aerodynamics and, in some cases, looks. We've driven vehicles with side mirrors before (the VW XL1 comes to mind), but if you want to sell a car in the US, it's gonna have to have side mirrors until the laws change. So, yeah.

Still, we like what we're getting into here. The company Tweeted that, "Moving #FirstForward means there's no looking back," which is clever but it turns out that drivers do actually need to sometimes see what's behind the car. And whatever the Faraday Futuremobile actually looks like, it will be fast. At least, that's what FF is teasing.
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