Cummins is developing a plug-in hybrid system for heavy trucks. Its plug-in system for Class 6 trucks (those with a gross vehicle weight between 19,000 and 26,000 pounds) is expected to improve fuel economy by 50 percent. Funded in part by a $4.5-million grant from the US Department of Energy (DOE), the system will use a battery pack and some form of range extending internal combustion engine. The system will employ various drive cycles in order to help commercial fleets save fuel based on their needs. Read more at Gas2.

German automaker Borgward, LG Chem, Bosch, and software firm SAP have joined forces to form an electric mobility partnership. Borgward recently revived its brand with a new model, the BX7. Borgward has also announced that two other models, the BX5 and BX6, will be available as plug-in hybrids. SAP will provide software services, and LG Chem will supply battery technology to Borgward. Bosch will supply and help develop a number of components for Borgward cars. Read more at Inside EVs.

Lexus has sold its millionth hybrid. The luxury automaker began selling hybrids with the electrified RX in 2005, and the millionth hybrid was a NX 300h sold to a customer in Milan, Italy. "This is my first Lexus," says the customer of that vehicle in a Lexus release, Aldo Pirronello. "... and I am honored to celebrate this important milestone with Lexus!" Lexus currently sells 10 hybrid models worldwide. Read more from Lexus.

Best Buy's Geek Squad is switching from Volkswagen Beetle Geekmobiles to the Toyota Prius C. As part of an update to the home electronics chain's house call service, the Geeks will be driving more eco-friendly cars with a refreshed logo. More than 1,000 Prius C Geekmobiles are being deployed nationwide. With the Geek Squad answering more than 5 million house calls a year, the fuel savings from switching to a more efficient hybrid cars means reduced emissions over the 12.6 million miles they'll drive per year. Read more in the press release below.

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Vehicle of Choice for Geeks? Toyota Prius c

An armada of agents is about to roll out in Toyota Prius c. Their mission: to help people across America get the most from their technology.

Starting today, Best Buy's Geek Squad will dispatch more than 1,000 of the vehicles – fully decked out as the new Geekmobile – nationwide.

With more than five million house calls a year, Geek Squad Agents annually drive an estimated 12.6 million miles (or roughly 20.3 million kilometers, 100.8 million furlongs or 4.2 million leagues). That's a lot of road (and gas), making the hip hatch's EPA estimated city fuel economy of 53 mpg particularly attractive. The Prius c's SULEV (Super ultra-low emissions vehicle) rating also is appealing given Best Buy's commitment to reduce its own carbon emissions.

Geek Squad rolled out in 2004 as the first national computer support task force. And while the Prius c's 17-plus cubic feet of cargo space might not fit a mainframe, it's a volume spacious enough to shuttle just about anything an agent might need – whether optimizing a home theater system or improving Wi-Fi performance or installing a security solution.

Drive long and prosper.

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