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They get a neat chrome finish, too.

The cost is still a little high.


Two models with a range of between 800 miles to 1,200 miles.

Two models with a range of between 800 miles to 1,200 miles.


The program starts in 2018 and debuts at the Mercedes-Benz museum in Stuttgart.


Down on diesel, even in the land of diesel.


Bosch, Siemens, AAA, and Jaguar Land Rover to help Techstars accelerate mobility startups.

Mighty AI will also open a Detroit office in the Techstars Mobility space.

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Bosch and Gogoro partner to bring app based scooter-sharing service to Paris. This summer there will be 600 zero-emissions Smartscooters from Gogoro for rental in central Paris.


Alliance marks end of Daimler's attempt to go it alone.

Their goal: fully autonomous "robo-taxis."


The autoparts maker is sticking with its own solution days after Intel buys MobilEye.


The future is now.

Your phone, home, and car will all be connected in the Internet of Things.


Let the debate begin.

Are connected motorcycle technologies a boon for safety or nothing more than a distraction?


German supplier even had a code-word for the cheat device.

US consumers say Bosch informed VW that it wanted to be legally protected for making the emissions cheat device.


Bosch is now offering the system to other automakers.

It's not just for power, it's also for fuel efficiency.


The electric scooter maker continues to make inroads in Europe.

Get two wheels, for a limited time.


Time to throw out that tennis ball on a string in the garage.

Home Zone Park Assist is another baby step on the road to autonomous cars.


If you thought the new Pagani Huayra BC looked cool in normal circumstances, just wait until you watch it drifting through the snow at Bosch's test center in northern Sweden.